Anniversary VI

Six years have passed and here is an anniversary blog where you haven’t just come home from traveling, we haven’t adopted another dog, and we haven’t moved to another state! But wait…you WILL be traveling soon and we did just move into a new house. So, I guess that can only mean I’ll be adopting a puppy over Fourth of July weekend while you’re gone! (Mwahahaha!)

Six years have passed in the blink of an eye and it has been the most satisfying, most unbelievable, and incomprehensibly joyous blur I have ever experienced. And I know in my heart that in six more years, that blur of time will be filled with everything I could have dreamed of because I’ll have you there with me (and then six years after that, and six years after that…but, hey, let’s not rush it, right? Ha). In the past year we’ve gone to Hawaii again and witnessed the most breathtaking sights together, we’ve been to Arrowhead on Christmas Day to see your beloved Chiefs, and we went to Boston to see the Red Sox on my birthday (and somehow found a cab after the piano bar to get us back to the hotel). But, it’s not just about the big events and big trips. It’s always been about those smaller moments that we get to experience every day. It’s in those moments that I know I’m with the one person I will always need in my life.

Six years have passed and I think we have finally found roots in a brand new home. A place we’ve been yearning for and a place we can call our own. A home that is complete because we’re together in it (plus the fur babies, but I won’t ramble on about them seeing as how they get spoiled too much as it is). I have never been more proud of us then I have been recently. We were able to find and acquire what I would consider our dream home (and let’s be real, if it wasn’t for your incredible budgeting skills, it wouldn’t have happened). I have had and will always have you to thank for it. My rock. My steadfast partner. My beautiful wife.

Six years have passed and you are the one who truly knows me. You appreciate my ridiculousness and encourage my creativity (most times with a much deserved eye roll). You are never a person in my life who feels the need to corral me (although a nudge to help me focus is always appreciated). And I feel the same towards you. I never want to limit you in any way. I love your ideas and I love watching you as you talk to me about a topic that mentally energizes you. Seeing you light up over spreadsheets or organizational techniques is cute and endearing in the nerdiest way possible. Much like when you listen to me ramble on about a comic book movie and how certain characters are represented correctly and whether or not their origin/costume/powers were correct…but I digress.

Six years have passed and I still get butterflies when I look at you across the room. Every morning I wake up next to you, it’s like falling in love with you all over again. You are my best friend and confidant and I still get giddy when I call you my wife. I love being around you and in those moments where we are apart, I long for us to be back together again.

Six years have passed and I treasure every moment. You are my lifeline and the half that makes me whole. I would absolutely be less without you and for that, I am forever yours.

Happy Anniversary, babycakes.

I love you to the moon and back.



Anniversary V

I thought that I had finished this blog prior to you getting home from your most recent trip. That was until I finally saw you again after being gone for 3 (almost 4 days). We were sitting in the kitchen and as you were telling me all about your trip, it confirmed everything you’re about to read. I am totally, unbelievably, and utterly in love with you. Your face fills me with joy and your voice is one of the most beautiful things in the world. You simply are the best. I’m proud to be your husband and proud to be celebrating another anniversary with you.

Ok, on to what I had already written…

It seems that when I started writing these blogs each new one was being written in a new state as we continued our nomadic journey together. Now that we’ve appeared to settle down, the new trend seems to be puppies (which is all well and good with me if it means that by our 10th anniversary we’re living on a couple of acres of land with 10 dogs…hey, I can dream!)

There we were last year, all set to go to Portland, Maine (with our Minnie, who I will only mention now because I don’t want to make you cry in sadness but in happiness) to celebrate our fourth anniversary; looking up the best craft beer bars and where to eat. Then we decided to go buy a new tag for Minnie at PetSmart and BAM!, we went home with Bailey. You think we would have learned our lesson a year ago but, like I said, another year of marriage, another puppy (who is waking us up way too early, way too often…damn you, Lilly!)

Another year of marriage and another realization that I’ve found that one person who absolutely completes me in every way. Example: when you left for work super early last year, only to come back home from Walmart to bring me Jurassic World on its release day. I mean, how perfect can you get?! Example 2: attempting to learn a choreographed dance together to Beyonce’s “Formation” (and getting the moves down faster than you…ahem). Example 3 through Infinity: literally every moment with you completes me.

Another year of marriage and I’m still so baffled as to what I did to deserve someone as perfect as you. I know you appreciate all of the little things I do for you but I do those things because I have this internal drive to continue to prove myself to you. I know you’ll think I’m crazy for saying that but it’s true. I am truly lucky to have you. I want to show my appreciation of that fact every day. You are my better half that makes me whole.

Another year of marriage and I’m so ridiculously in love with you that I miss you right after you say goodbye and head to work (which is why I will go out of my way just to bring you coffee). I look at you and it’s as if I’m seeing you for the first time all the time. That hot blonde girl who walked in the door of WOBM and had me like, “Who is THAT?!” Making you smile and making you laugh are two of my highest goals in this life.

Another year of marriage and almost seven years of being together and even more time being best friends. You will always be my confidant and my everything and knowing that I have someone to grow old and gray with (of course, I’ve already started on that graying process, so you have some catching up to do) is the greatest gift you’ve ever given me, not just as a wife, but as my best friend.

The rest of my life doesn’t sound like nearly enough time to spend with you but I love that I get to have you for however long that is.

You are and will always be my everything.

I love you baby.


Anniversary IV

If I’ve timed it correctly, this blog will automatically post while we’re waking up in Portland after celebrating our anniversary weekend.

Edit: Since we decided to bring a new member of the family home, I hope I’ve timed this correctly to post (most likely) after the little pup has woken us up around 6am. Hey, at least we got to go to Montreal. In the winter. When it was -10º Celsius. And neither of us speak French…

Anyway! Once again, four years later, I’ll be waking up next to the woman I get to call my wife and I’ll be utterly in awe that not only do I get to call you my wife, but I get to call you my best friend. And I’ll never be able to write enough blogs to explain how much that means to me. But I love the fact that every year I have the opportunity to try and do just that.

It’s incredible to think of the experiences we’ve had in just the last few months. The aforementioned new, furry responsibility and the fact that we sold our home in New Jersey. I know that I’ve always been bugging you about getting a new dog and we were going to get one when we bought a new home here, but you surprised me (as you still have the tendency to do) and said that you also wanted and were ready to bring home a new dog. I bring this all up because in the short amount of time that we’ve had the puppy (a responsibility neither of us has had to ever endure), you’ve totally gone out of your comfort zone and I am super proud of you for that.

315 Forrest Avenue in Lanoka Harbor is being sold and as much as I am super excited to be rid of the extra expense in the form of a mortgage and in turn even more excited to really search for new roots here in our new home, I can’t help but feel as if this a bittersweet moment for us. We started our life together in that tiny Cape Cod in Lanoka Harbor. This was the home that you came to me for advice about before we were ever dating (and as I mentioned in the first blog, I should’ve realized you totally dug me then!), we would go there during our lunch hour, sit in the car, and talk about the work we would do to it to make it our home. This was the home, almost immediately after we moved in, where in the middle of fixing it up with paint cans everywhere, an old TV stand left over from the previous owners, filthy carpets, and the beginnings of vibrant paint schemes, that I asked you to marry me. I asked you upstairs in our bedroom. In our first home. This is the moment where you said, “yes”, and that experience will not only live on in our minds but also in our home. So we say goodbye to the structure and the guts of our house, but we’ll never say goodbye to the memories we made there.

And now we continue to make more memories together (although I am surprised that this is a consecutive blog being written in the same state as last year). We are a true team. I know you always vocalize how much you appreciate the fact that I am always in your corner and always willing to do whatever I can to make you happy. I rarely ever state out loud how you are so much of that to me as well (I guess I save that stuff for a year to put it here). I will always have your back and always support your decisions, no questions asked (OK maybe I’ll question why we need to buy vinegar and baking soda to clean the microwave, but other than that, I got you boo). I truly would be lost without you. You have been my guide and my voice of reason and encouragement. Thank you for being that, as well as my level head to keep me grounded. I love you so much for it. 

“I was thinking; we’ve definitely come a long way from wondering what we had around the house to sell on eBay to make a few quick bucks. I’m proud of us!” 

I was so happy to send this text because it means that, in even a small way, we’ve begun to make it on our own. The stress from all of the hard work and long hours is starting to pay off for both us (whoda thunk?!) and everything has most definitely been coming up Milhouse. I mean, then we go out and buy a puppy, so maybe the stress will continue for a bit longer, but I digress.

Your beautiful face greeting me every morning makes starting each day easier.

Your smile is something I cherish because it means you’re happy.

I will do whatever I can to help you achieve your dreams, so I want you to never stop dreaming.

I will be here for you whenever you need me, so never hesitate to call on me.

I will forever be grateful for you and all that you are and everything that you do.

You make me better.

I love you forever and always, baby.

Thank you for another year.


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Anniversary III

And I thought I could convince you that I wouldn’t write another blog.

Three years of marriage together. Three blogs. Three different states.

At this rate, by our 50th anniversary, we’ll have lived in all 50 states. Only 47 more to cross off the list (I know how much you love lists)!

You’re gone more often now and while it makes me yearn for all of those days that we worked in the same office and saw each other all the time, I truly appreciate our relationship even more. Strength in a relationship isn’t built on routine. Routine can only serve to deteriorate it. Strength in a relationship is built upon the challenges you’ll face and learning how to conquer them. I was worried and nervous and upset that you’d be traveling so much and wouldn’t be around as often (and you’ve been gone even more than you said you would be. Grrrrr…) We figured out how to cope with this new change and it’s only made us closer and stronger.

Success will always be yours because you are a special woman. I have never met someone so focused, so sure, and so amazing when they put their mind to something. You don’t just create goals as esoteric, unattainable entities. You create goals so you can reach them, conquer them, and make even grander goals. And you will always succeed. (Of course, it helps having an awesome guy like me supporting you, but hey, I’m not here to toot my own horn) (Toot fucking toot though).

I yearn for those activities that most would categorize as mundane though. Watching terrible reality TV with you is an absolute joy for me because it means that you’re home with me and you’re all mine for those few moments (Bravo TV: you make my wife happy so, therefore, I am a fan of you). Those times in a person’s life that most people gloss over, I’ve learned to appreciate and savor. Getting dinner together, going for an unexpected drive to Lake George, or brushing your hair. Any time that I get to spend with you is a treasure to me.

Each fleeting glance is something I’ll hold on to forever. Each touch of your hand is something that I’ll want to feel forever. Each moment of silence is filled with all of the inaudible love I have for you. Each year that passes is another year that I get to grow older with you. And I look forward to all of the moments we have to share as the years go on. Time may take its toll on us but time will never wear down the love I have for you.

I love you with all of my heart and I still am dumbfounded when I realize how lucky I am to have you. We are the perfect example of what a relationship should be (in my vain and completely unbiased opinion).

I love waking up early to make you breakfast (because it means you’re home).

I love hearing you laugh (because it means I made a terrible joke that no one will laugh at).

I love all of you, every day, forever.

You’re everything to me and I will work everyday to be everything to you.

Happy Anniversary baby. You’re my favorite. Forever and always.


Anniversary II

It’s BEEN two years but it most certainly doesn’t FEEL as though it’s been two years.

“How do you feel about moving to Michigan?”

And then we did.

I would do absolutely anything for my beautiful wife. This past year found us moving halfway across the country to a state that neither of us had ever been to with no preconceived notion of what it would be like. But, we held each other’s hand and took that leap into the unknown. I knew how serious my wife was about following her dreams since she’d be leaving behind her family and I was absolutely willing to do anything I could to help her achieve that dream. So we packed up the U-Haul, the dog, and ourselves and we settled down in the Mitten.

There is no one else in this world with whom I would have rather had this experience.

I have an indescribable amount of pride in my wife for the challenges she’s faced and conquered so far. She inspires me to be a better person in everything I do (and sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of lists of things to do for the day). We rely on one another to keep our sanity in this crazy world and we confide in one another about everything that happens to us throughout every day.

I love how you laugh at all of my jokes (good and crappy ones alike).

I love how you don’t care how many tattoos I have/get.

I love that you are so driven in everything you do.

I love that you need to make a list for everything (yes, even the lists you make for me).

I love watching terrible TV with you and pretending I don’t like it but I’m just as caught up in the story lines as you.

I love being able to kiss you goodnight every night.

I love that you wake me up (before you go, go?) when you go to work to say goodbye to me.

I love that I don’t have to be self-conscious around you (this is mainly about being gassy…true love ladies and gents).

I love how you look at me sometimes and don’t say anything but just start smiling (I know what you’re thinking).

I love that I DO know what you’re thinking most times.

I love that you’re my family.

And Ashly, I love that you are truly my best friend because I am better for that fact.

I will always be here for you.

Happy Anniversary.

I love you.


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I can already see my wife’s reaction to the fact that I’ve written this blog.

An eye roll and an “Oh, God…”

And that is why I am in love with this woman and why this first year of marriage has felt like only a few days.

In 2008, a hot blonde girl started working in my building. A hot blonde girl with a boyfriend (ugh) and what appeared to be an attitude problem. My immediate response to this was to try and be my overly charismatic self, which, if you know me, comes off as cocky and annoying. Let’s just say it took a little while for any sort of friendship to develop between us. Eventually, this hot blonde and I would sit around and have conversations about this and that: Disney movies, football, eating, bitching about co-workers, etc… She really became my closest friend at work and her and I would confide in each other about life and all that jazz. She’d sit there and listen to my (mostly failed and unfortunately comedic) exploits with the opposite sex. I would sit there while she discussed things like home ownership, saving money and other topics of that ilk (which should’ve been a clue that she dug me a little bit because I had no experience with any of that). We’d discuss family troubles and workplace annoyances and out of our conversations we grew a really strong bond. It got to the point where people would insinuate that there was something between us even though we both vehemently denied those rumors. She had a boyfriend (ugh) and I was no home wrecker. Not to mention, I was a terrible judge of whether or not a person of the opposite sex took any interest in me. Knowing what I know now, there were innumerable hints that something was up and I was just too thickheaded to notice. She would hang out with me in the on-air studio well after the workday had ended. She would ask if I wanted her to bring me coffee or food. And we would just sit there and talk. I would quiz her on the names and positions of football players and she was impressively accurate with her answers! One winter she had to answer phones early in the morning for school closings due to snowfall. I came into work because I had access to a four wheel drive vehicle and she asked me to drive her home. Little memories like that are what kickstarted some interesting emotions within me. Lo and behold, after a while, I started to feel something for this hot blonde girl but I had absolutely no idea how I could convey that. I remember, one time, that I had texted her about a draw bridge being up and causing a traffic jam. She lived nowhere NEAR that draw bridge, I just wanted a reason to text her. Apparently, it was the same for this hot blonde girl as she decided to text back and forth with me during the NFL Draft, of all things. I was falling for her. There was no question about it except for the biggest question, “How do I get her to start dating me?”

“Hey, did you leave?”

I absolutely knew that this hot blonde girl had left the venue we were at for a work event but, again, I just wanted to text her. I finally decided to man up (with a little liquid courage) and meet up with her so I could find out if there was something there between us. Several months later in July 2010, I asked this hot blonde girl to marry me in the corniest way possible and she happily said, “Yes!” (after saying something along the lines of: “If you’re fucking with me, I’m going to kill you!”) Less than a year later, we were holding hands in a gazebo saying, “I do”.

I never knew being in a relationship could be as good as it has been with this hot blonde girl I call my wife. We work so perfectly together that sometimes it’s scary. Any preconceived notions of what a long-term relationship is supposed to be are thrown out the window when you connect with your soulmate. My happiness is indescribable and often overwhelming (in a good way). I’ve found someone who makes me a better person and for that, I am forever grateful. I’ve found someone who makes the notion of growing old together an exciting prospect.

If I know my wife, she’s reading this holding back tears and all the while exclaiming, “Uggggghh!” (because she outwardly says she can’t stand sappiness but I know the huge heart that she really has inside of her).

Ashly Breanne (Emerson) Keating. I love you with all my heart and I couldn’t be happier to be your husband.

Happy First Anniversary!

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